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Cloud Computing

Get help with moving your business or personal data to the cloud, using web-based applications and other cloud-connectivity options.

IT Security

Ask about tools you can use to protect your computers and network both at work and at home, protecting your data and your identity.

Computer Repair

Talk with me about fixing a dead computer, a broken laptop screen, audio problems, operating system upgrades and more! I’ll give you what you need to decide between repairs and replacement, with your best interests (and budget) in mind.

Network Design

Find out whether your network needs an upgrade, or just some changes to your existing setup. Whether wired or wireless, you’ll get the help you need to make the connections between your devices and the Internet work as smoothly as possible.

Data Backup and Recovery

I can explain the 3-2-1 backup strategy and recommend some local and off-site backup methods to ensure you don’t lose all your data when disaster strikes. If you don’t know if or how you are backing up your data, you need to contact me immediately!

Web & Graphic Design

My creativity isn’t limited to troubleshooting problems with email or dead hard drives:¬†I build websites¬† and provide graphic design for businesses in Fairhope and Daphne, or anywhere on Earth! Though I specialize in web design using the WordPress platform, I’ve built and maintained sites using Squarespace, Wix, and the eCommerce platform Shopify. As a SiteGround web hosting reseller, I can provide you with a home for your website and keep it updated, backed up and secure. Contact me to learn about the different web hosting packages I offer, my graphic design services and related abilities.

Strategic Planning

I try to keep my clients from spending money unnecessarily on new devices, fixing what can be reasonably fixed, and helping to decommission and recycle what can’t. But always with an eye to the future, I can help you plan for the near-term and long-term when it comes to the technology you use daily in your home or business.