About Our Company

What is Clay Mountain Solutions? We’re glad you asked.

Jack of All Trades

Because our curiosity knows no bounds, we’ve got quite a tool belt to tackle our client’s problems. We can help out your home or business on multiple fronts, from hands-on repair of hardware, to the nitty-gritty of software configuration, and the nuanced setup of home and business networks. If you need a new website or just need someone to touch-up an existing site, that’s us. Graphic design, social media, digital advertising–we’re ready to take on any project.

Head in the Clouds

Whether it’s cloud-based computing, news of the latest malware outbreak, or the latest iPhone operating system, CMS stays up to date with what works (and what doesn’t) in computers and technology. So if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

Problem Solvers

It’s the reason we put “solutions” in our name! Nothing bothers us more than a device or feature that is “supposed to” work but won’t. So whether it’s hunting down and solving a tech problem, or advising you when it’s time to switch to something new, we’ll do everything we can to find the right solution for you.

Customer Support

We don’t just fix computers and call it a day. The reason we are here is to help people. That’s why every customer is important to us, and why we bring patience and understanding to each and every issue we help you resolve. If technology isn’t “your thing”, we get that. Everyone has a right to benefit from modern tools, whether they’re young or old, tech savvy or digital phobics. Our goal is to make your life easier, better, so that you’ll call us again, and refer us to your friends and associates.

Our Name

I founded Clay Mountain Solutions in 2011, when I moved from NYC back to my hometown of Montrose, AL on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. If you know Montrose, you’ve probably heard of Ecor Rouge, which is a beautiful high cliff of exposed clay that faces west over the Bay. When I was little, we called it ‘Clay Mountain’. I chose that name for my tech support company as a tribute to this special place in Alabama that I love.


Clay Mountain: Our Origin